Sunday, November 07, 2010

Quick Update

Just wanted to drop by and give a quick update on life in North Iowa!

Took a marginal shot at a deer with my bow, bad shot = no deer in freezer. Hopefully hunting hard this week with better results.

Lynn's Mom moved in with us for what is to be a short (3-4 months) stay and then looking for an apartment in the Clear Lake area. This is stretching for all three of us but God is good and give grace where needed.

Got a chance to go visit Dan & Maggie & the boys last week! What a great time. They are doing so well and Dan really loves him new ministry in Grinnell.

OK, I'm out for now but hope to be blogging again soon!

Best and Worst of the Weekend coming up soon ... start thinking about your now!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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Anonymous said...

Deer Steve - thanks for missing.
the Deer.(BB)