Monday, September 26, 2011

Boats, Bows & Projectors

I mentioned not too long ago that I got to speak at a church retreat for a church in Des Moines. It was a great experience and one of the top events was an opportunity to go fishing with a dear friend! What an incredible way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon!

Following that day I got the bug to "get" a boat. Nothing big, just a 12 or 14 foot v-hull with a trailer and small motor. After doing "research" on Craigslist I found that I would need ... lets say "X" number of dollars. (Stick with me this will all make sense soon.)

A couple of weeks later, in a totally unrelated situation, I was visiting with some folks and was telling them all about my "big" boat plans even the part where I had no money! Now that is where the story gets good ... Just a few days later I received a gift from this same couple, not even remembering the earlier conversation, I shot a note asking the purpose of the gife and was simply told ... "take me fishing sometime".

Now, I have a problem! You see, I NEVER really intended to get a boat! This is what i do ... I get an idea, about something ... a car, truck, boat, any hunting or fishing equipment: bows, guns, rods & reels, tents ... you get the idea. I research, scheme, plan and plot about said item ... until the next shiny thing comes along. Hence the problem!

After a conversation with the one who had given the gift and the determination that God gave them the money and they gave me the money and what I did with it was up to me.

What to do... new bow? New gun? What a dilemma!!!!

Not really, after a lot of thinking and conversation with Lynn, I decided to purchase something that I have been doing "research" on for the past 5 years, I used this gift to finally purchase a projector for use in my preaching and teaching ministry!

So very thankful for God's provision through His people and the truth of  Proverbs 11:14 still stands - "Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety."

Pastor Steve