Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

What I'm Looking For!
Not Christmas; Deer Camp 2012!!!

October 1st was the opening day of the Iowa Archery Season and from day on I have had some great encounters with the elusive Iowa Whitetail. 

Truth be told ... I missed a couple of shots on big deer but I am not discouraged! And when the second half of the archery season open again on the 17th of December, I will be ready!

As for right now, we  are in the midst of the Iowa Shotgun Season. I'm hunting the second season, which runs from Dec. 8-16. We have not seen the overall number of deer as we've seen in the past few years but there are a number of factors involved in that statement. Drought, warm weather and Blue Tongue Disease (AKA:Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD))

Bottom Line: Still hunting and more stories and photo's to come!

Stay tuned...

Pastor Steve 

Lynn's Surgery

I mentioned in my last post that the lovely and gracious Mrs. Cox had to have not quite emergency surgery but it was close!

After two days of excruciating pain Lynn had to have the herniated disk between the C6 & C7 vertebrata in her neck removed. A titanium plate was inserted and the two vertebrata are to fuse together. Incredible stuff! I found that you could go on-line and watch an actual surgery!!!

She was off her game for about 6 weeks but now .... normal! We are do very thankful the thoughts, prayers, cards, calls and visits!