Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family Camp #3

Just taking a break from a long three week stretch at camp. The summer ministry team from the camp is sacked out all over our home trying to catch up on as much sleep as they are able when ever they are able.

Family Camp #3 just got over on Friday and we had a great time! Our speaker were Pastor Dean Graber from Burlington and Pastor Pat Odle from Faith Baptist Bible College. Both men did a wonderful job of rightly dividing the Word and God bless in the lives of the hearer and many decisions were made to the Glory of God!

Fun was had by all and Lynn actually got my to go out in a paddle boat.

I'm so thankful for the opportunities that God has given me to serve Him through serving others!

Beginning Monday we will be at Senior High Camp with about 450 teens plus sponsors and staff. Please pray for God to work in the lives of all of those involved in this weeks ministry.

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

Friday, July 18, 2008

Junior High Camp 2008

I have not deserted my blog but have been very busy as we all are in the summer months.

This week I’m serving as Boys Dean at Junior High Camp at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp in Ventura, Iowa.

Being a Dean is a great opportunity to enjoy the best and worst of any camp. You get to enjoy the blessing of dealing with young people as they make decisions for Christ in their live and watch their countenance change as the reality of walking with Christ begins to bear fruit in their lives. On the other hand as Dean you are expected to deal with the “not so great stuff” as some of these young people struggle a bit with the rules at camp or just can not get along with a cabin mate. The reality is that the blessings out weigh the trials by a long shot!

Today is Friday and the week is just about over. On one hand I’m glad because I’m soooo tired but on the other hand I believe that God is working and I just don’t want it to end. Teens making decisions about their spiritual lives away from the worlds influences such as ipods, game stations, radio, TV, and most of all computers w/ internet.

As for me…I want to echo the words of Paul as he wrote to Timothy, when he said: I thank God who counted me faithful putting me into the ministry! Why God uses us is still a mystery to me, I’m just glad He does.

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th Of July - I Was Just Pondering

The 4th of July this year we celebrated our Nations 232nd birthday. I'm afraid that in the day in which we live some have come to simply equate this day to just another opportunity to get their party hats on and get stupid drunk with an extra day off work.

The 4th is so much more! Do you realize that the men who signed that document (the declaration of independence) literately signed their death warrant. They immediately became hunted and wanted men and most died broke and destitutte. They lost their fortunes, families, wealth and prestige all for the belief that men should never have to live under tyranny and fear of any government.

I have often wondered if we were called on today to take a stand for our core beliefs if we would have the wherewithal and the metal to stand as these have in the past. Are we the same as they were or are we so soften by our luxury lifestyles that we would simply rollover and give up? Being a lover of history, I sometimes think that these who have gone before us are a cut above or breed apart. But upon further reflection I really think that somewhere and somehow there would be those who would rise to the challenge. The real question is am I or are you one of those willing to count the cost and refuse to sacrifice our core values and stand for what is right?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

GARBC National Conference 2008

What an adventure!

That is the only way I could start this post. The GARBC national conference was to be in Cedar Rapids and with all of the rain and flooding at the last minute the entire conference was moved to the campus of FBBC in Ankeny. It was a tremendous success!

Hats off to the state local committee, the conference team from the Resource Center in Illinois and especially to the staff and administration of Faith Baptist Bible College.

I have had the opportunity to go to a number of national conferences over the years and this was one of the best! There was a great spirit and everyone seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere, great preaching and sweet fellowship.

One of my favorite aspects of the conference is the opportunity to get to see friends that you only get to see here once a year! The problem with that is you stay up too late and get up too early so as not to miss any of the doing and by the time the conference is over you need a vacation to recover from the fun!

I really enjoyed the preaching and the report from our GARB chaplains. What a time of encouragement!

Looking forward to next year!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve