Thursday, September 28, 2006

Youth Deer Season 2006

Youth deer season has been going on for about 2 weeks. Susan is the only one left to hunt this season and we've been out the last couple of days.

The weather has been pretty chilly but we have not had to deal with mosquitoes (I hate those guy when I'm hunting).

We've seen one good buck that came in to about 15 yards by stood behind a tree and Susan could not get a clear shot. She wants to be able to get off a clean shot and I can't blame her for that, although it was all I could do to keep my composer as I did have a clear view of the deers boiler room. This youth season is a killer on the Dads!

There are a couple of days left in the season, I'll keep you posted!

Pastor Steve
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Friday, September 22, 2006

Missionaries Jim & Julie Leonard

I mentioned earlier that we had the Leonards to our church on Wednesday night (9/20/06) and received a great report on the happenings in NE Brazil.

Jim & Julie started out as church planters in the early days of their ministry but realized when they had a church ready for graduation from mission status that they had no national pastor to assume leadership. This began a process whereby Jim found himself involved in the training of nationals for the ministry.

From all of that has grown the Cariri Baptist Seminary in Crato, Brazil. The school has about 100 students and is mainly focused on teaching and training Brazilians to be pastors, missionaries and teachers.

One of the coolest things that Jim talked about is their correspondence school. There is a certain time of the year when there is a huge influx of people in their region. At this time the students pass out literature which has a note that if they aer interested they can write in for a bible study via correspondence. Jim said at this time there were over 12,000 people in their correspondence school process. 12,000! That is not a typo!

Because of this correspondence school there are many Brazilians coming to faith in Jesus Christ, my first question was How were the folks at the school disciplining these new believers? Jim said that this is one of the greatest needs on their field, someone to come along side and take the correspondence school to the next level and work in this area. What an exciting opportunity!

Please pray for the Leonards as they will be heading back to Brazil in the near future. Also pray for their ministry and for someone to come along side and work with the correspondence school!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

Sincere Slugs

This is a short film about barbershop quartet slugs. I found this and love it, my kids are sick of hearing it, I think it's great! Watch for the fireworks at the end! ENJOY!!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Little of This & A Little of That

Been another busy week around here again this week.

Philip had a football game on Monday and he played very well; couple of tackles and in on a couple more. Tuesday I had a meeting in Ankeny ... an all day meeting. Ever notice how tired you get driving 2 hours, sitting in a meeting for 5 hours and then driving 2 hours home? I've never understood that! Anyway, Wednesday night we had Missionary Jim Leonard and his wife Julie at the church for our Midweek Service. What a cool ministry! I'll need to put together a post on just that soon!

Today (Thursday) Susan had a cross country meet in Mason City. I drove the team bus over and was not really looking forward to just standing around in the cold windy rain for a couple of hours. I saw one of the worker I know in the Mason City Boosters Club tent and was visiting with them when another worker came over and asked if anyone would be willing to drive a John
Deere Gator following the runners and looking for injured runners. With out a thought (shocker) I said I'd do it and the next thing I know I'm handed a radio and put in a Gator racing to catch up with the first group of runners.

The Gator was a two seater and as soon as Lynn showed up she jumped on and we rode around all over the NIACC Campus until it was time for me to drive the bus back to Clear Lake. I'm always telling the folks at church that if you see a need and can meet the need then you ought to do it! Sometimes it can even be as simple as driving a Gator and as fun as spending a couple of hours with your wife! Thanks for riding along with me Lynn!!!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

Monday, September 18, 2006

Man Who Drove Car Into Clear Lake Charged With OWI

ASSOCIATED PRESS as Printed in the Des Moines Register

September 18, 2006

A man who drove his car into Clear Lake in Ventura over the weekend has been arrested for drunken driving, officials said.

Troy James Thornton, 35, of Osage, was driving a car when it left the road, struck a utility pole and crashed into the lake Sunday evening, officials with the Cerro Gordo County sheriff's office said.

Thornton and a passenger, Shadrick A. Rasmus, 33, of Clear Lake, left the vehicle and fled the scene, officials said.

They were later arrested. Neither man was hurt, officials with the sheriff's office said.

Thornton was charged with drunken driving, driving while barred, possession of marijuana, interference with official acts, failure to maintain control and no insurance.

Rasmus was charged with public intoxication.

Pastor Steve says: "BRILLIANT!"

(Note: Picture from the Globe Gazette)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Picnic At The Ranch

Having been dully rebuffed by Tom Nichols here is the report from the Clear Lake-Forest City all church picnic/fellowship on the 9th of September.

There had to be close to 80 in attendance and a great time was had by all! My family arrived around 4 PM, we helped unload a couple of picnic tables and Lynn gathered fire wood from the shed for the two fire rings that Tom
had placed on the yard.

Not long after just a couple of folks showed up, we drifted over to the area Tom had ready for our impromptu trap shoot. Before the night was over we probably as a group shot through over 300 shells, I'm fairly certain that we did not bust that many clay birds but we had a great time! Some notable shooters; Justin Oliver was just pounding the birds, Joshua Farrell was giving lessons. John Kamberger shot trap for I think the first time and had a great time and at last report was seriously thinking about going pheasant hunting this Fall. Ron Burkholder got the bug going out this week and picking up a thrower and wanting to shoot again soon! As for the shooters from Forest City - maybe Pastor Farrell will submit a report for a later post.

OK - now on to the food! Tom served ribeye steaks, hambergers & baked potatoes, the rest of the food was carried in by all the peoples. There were all kinds of salads, deserts and cookies. It was quite a spread and if anyone went away hungry it was your own fault!

After it finally got so dark that we could no longer shoot, it was time to gather around the fire ring and just visit. Once again there is just something about sitting around a camp fire.

My impression of the event was that it was a success and we're already looking forward to next year. From all the folks at the Clear Lake and Forest City churches we say - Thank you Tom & Doreen!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

Friday, September 15, 2006

Loving The Change Of Season

I really enjoy the change of seasons!

Fall is one of the best times of year with the crisp morning air and warm days followed by great cool evenings. I love it!

The geese are starting to move and the Teal are already blowing through on their ways South. The other morning I saw a buck and doe in a bean field and the number of pheasants is encouraging. There have been a group of guys getting together (when we can) to practice our archery skills for deer hunting.

Along with this I have three hummingbirds working my feeder right outside our dining room window. They have been the source of some great entertainment. I have been able to stand within just a few feet of the feeder and had the birds come into the feeder. Some buzzing just over my shoulder and right next to my ears, it is incredible!

Quote of the day: "You ever notice how many more stars you see when you actually go outside after dark?"

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

Welcome Home;Welcome Back & Good Hear From You

Welcome Home to my nephew David and his family as they return to the States following a few years living in England. Dave and his family are living in the Des Moines area and we are looking forward to seeing them in the very near future as well as spending the Holidays with them again!

Welcome back to Pastor James Collingsworth! Pastor James has accepted the call from the Church in Perry, Iowa. Pastor James and I attended F.B.B.C. together in the late 80's and it is good to have him and his family back in the State. Looking forward to some great fellowship with the Collingsworth's.

Good to hear from an old friend; Mark Nurre called me the other night and it was the first time we've chatted for about 10 years! It was so good to hear from Mark and get the update on his family as well as talk about "the olden days". Plans are being laid so that we can get our families together for a visit. Thanks for calling Mark ...It was so good to Hear from you!!!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

Friday, September 08, 2006

What A Week

You ever have one of those week that feels like you never got one thing accomplished? This past week was one for me. With Labor Day Monday is seemed as if everything was was amiss the rest of the week. I just never felt that I was on top of my to do list, I was trying to catch up all week!

Oh well, enough of that!

On a bright note, Amy found employment in the Des Monies area and the real blessing is that she can ride to work with Maggie (Daniel's "Special" Friend). Continue to pray for her as she has some fairly hefty financial obligations to care for while at FBBC.

Stopped out at Ladies Retreat and volunteered for the evening. I was supposed to help with the grilling but arrived a bit late and got to work in the dinning hall. Lynn and her mother are staying out at the camp with Mary in her travel trailer. I know that they will have a great time & there will be stories galore when its over!

We have a big all church cook out at the Nichols on Saturday evening. I'm really looking forward to that as we have invited another local church to come and fellowship with us. One of the activities we enjoy is an impromptu trap shoot. We have lots of shooters in the two churches and everyone always has a great (SAFE) time!

More to come......

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

A Servant Goes Home

I had the privilege to attend the funeral yesterday of Pastor Michael Baltich. John Murray did an excellent job of bringing the Word of God & keeping the focus were it should, on the Lord Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation offered by a Holy God. Special music was offered by Chaplin Murdock, Erin Hartman & a choir made up of all of the Pastor's in attendance. What a honor to be a part of the service.

Thank you to Pastor Doug Farrell who drove us down to the service, your ministry is greatly appreciated.