Monday, August 23, 2010

What A Couple of Days!

Things here have been moving at breakneck speed around here since my last post about Susan's car. It seems like we've been running non-stop for days on end so I though I'd give you a peek into our very eventful past week!

Thursday: This is the day that we took Susan off to college. Susan's plan is to study in the two-year office administrator program at Faith Baptist Bible College. We arrived about noon and spent the better part of the afternoon registering her for classes, registering her car, computer and getting her room assignment. After unloading all of her gear into her room it was time for Lynn to help getting everything organized and stowed away! We had supper in the dining hall and attended a meeting for students and parents. following the meeting Lynn and I drove over to her Mom's and spent the night.

Friday: Friday was Iowa State Fair day! I love the State Fair!! We arrived about 9 AM and got started at the 4H building looking at the painting by Kaylee Good, a young lady from our church. Her painting received a Blue Ribbon.

Following a trip through the Varied Industries building and the Agricultural building we met up with the Kamberger's. The Kamberger's were at the fair first and foremost for the swearing in of their 14 year old son, Gideon, as a US citizen.

After a lunch of a pork chop on a stick, an ear of corn and a cool drink we made our way to the ceremony area. There were 50 individuals from 21 country's seeking to become citizens of the United States. This was a very moving and special event. I'll dedicate a post on this subject alone in the near future.

The rest of the day was filled with taking the Kamberger kids around the fair, through the barns and just lots of walking. One highlight was Mary Kamberger getting to check off an item on her "bucket list". Mary got to milk a cow! What a riot to watch and listen to the hilarious comments coming from Gideon! A 14 year old boy is a 14 year old boy no matter what their country of origin! What a fun day!

Saturday: A busy day filled with office work, house work and a bit of yard work. But the real highlight was the annual cook-out and trap-shoot at the Nichol's Ranch. People begin arriving around 3:30 PM and the smell of spent gun powder quickly began to fill the air!

The meal consisted of smoked pork chops and tons of great food brought by everyone. This was a mostly church folks gathering but we did get some visitors as well. What a great time of food, fellowship and fun with friends and family. The shin-dig broke up around 9:30 and I think everyone went home full of good food and plenty tired!

Sunday: A regular slate of services was on the agenda for the Church Family. Our adult Sunday School was in the Book of James, the morning service found us concluding our study of 2 John and finally, in our evening service we walked through Biblical Hope as a foundational building block of Christian character. I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to open the Bible with our folks and walk through the Word as we strive together in the process of progressive sanctification! It is an incredible blessing to watch people growing and changing.

To put a wrap on the past few days ... we ended Sunday with a SNAC time at our home after the evening service. SNAC means Sunday Night After Church, it is a time of just plain fun! We had some pizza and left overs from our Saturday fellowship. Everyone had fun and we were all tired by the time the party broke up at about 10 PM.

That ought to give a brief look in to what we've been up to lately, trust your week and weekend were filled with joy and laughter as well!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Susan's "New" Car

Susan will be leaving for college soon and in order for her to be able to get a job she really needed a car.

We put out the word that she was looking and with in 24 hours we got a hit. Funniest part was that is was a neighbor that had a car for sale.

1987 Olds Delta 88 with 96,900 original miles; interior & exterior are both in pretty good condition. Susan only had a certain amount of money to work with and the owner was asking almost twice what Susan had!

We took the car for a day to drive it and check it out - Susan really liked it but the price was not right. When we returned the car I told the owner that if he could not get the car sold he should let me know but I was not going to insult him by making him a low-ball offer. He pressed me for an amount and I told him Susan only had $500 to work with  for a car. He said "Good enough for him!"
Susan is now the owner of a "new" car! That is one happy girl!!!
Pastor Steve

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chinese/Norwegian/Americans in the Making!

Many Sunday evenings we find a home for some of our church folks to congregate, fellowship and of course EAT! This evening just the Cox's ended up at the Kambergers.

Every Sunday evening Gideon Kamberger asks me what I'm eating after the church service and most often when we get together the menu fare is pizza. This evening when Gideon asked we , he and I decided on noodles. Nothing fancy just your basic Ramen Noodles with Mary Kambergers Chinese twist (some cabbage, chicken & soy sauce).

Before I left the church Lynn suggested that I swing by the store and pick up a block of CoJack cheese; while at the store I also grabbed a container of pickled herring, the Norwegian Sweet Treat!

When I arrived at the Kambergers and the herring was a hit with the kids much to my surprise. I feed the younger girls like the little birds that they are!

We had a blast and cleaned up the herring in about 20 minutes. If I had thought that they would have enjoyed the herring that much I would have gotten the big jar rather than the small container.

Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bits & Balderdash

Nick & Jessica:

Today finds me in Oskaloosa Iowa for the wedding of Nick Oliver and Jessica Paige.

This is an incredible blessing as I have watched God working in the lives of these two wonderful young people. We have known the Paige family for years through the ministry of the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp and Nick has been part of our family since the mid 1990's.

It is a real honor to have been asked to have a major part in in their wedding.

Elijah & Benjamin:

As we are in Osky this weekend we are hanging out with Elijah & Benjamin! Coolest thing EVER ... I got to put Elijah down for a nap on Friday by letting him fall asleep on my chest! Wonderful!

Benjamin is growing like a weed! He is getting soooo strong and is looking around. It so so much fun to watch him grow!

Daniel & Maggie:

Daniel has accepted the call to the Calvary Baptist Church in Grinnell, Iowa as the Assistant Pastor in the area of Youth Ministries.

The kids are so excited about the opportunities that are ahead. Yet, there is so much work to be done ... selling their mobile home, finding employment in Grinnell, finding a place to live ..... please be praying for them as they continue to follow God's leading in their lives.

Maggie is doing well. She is coping well with the two boys and seems to be getting enough rest. It is cool to see what a good help Daniel is and how they are really working well together as parents.

I'm not going to lie to you it is weird to see your kids parenting their kids and doing such a great job! I'm stand amazed at the grace of God!

Pastor Steve

Friday, August 06, 2010

Chris Tomlin - Indescribable

One Thing I Know!

By Selah

Something in your eyes I see Reminds me of what used to be When I was still uncertain of the truth Sleepless nights that turned to days Alone inside an endless space Counting on someone to see me through...

And if there's one thing I know It's that you were never left alone 'Cause you can always on Jesus' name And if there's one thing I pray It's that Jesus helps you find a way To make a change and listen to your heart God will take away your pain if you choose to let it go if there's one thing I know!

How can I convince your heart? His light can find you in the dark And only He can make your blind eyes see For if we speak of lost things found Or lives that have been turned around Then tell me who knows better child than me...

And if there's one thing I know It's that you were never left alone 'Cause you can always on Jesus' name And if there's one thing I pray It's that Jesus helps you find a way To make a change and listen to your heart God will take away your pain if you choose to let it go if there's one thing I know!

I would never stake my life on any lesser thing Then the cross of Christ where He gave His life to ease my suffering...

And if there's one thing I know It's that you were never left alone 'Cause you can always on Jesus' name And if there's one thing I pray It's that Jesus helps you find a way To make a change and listen to your heart God will take away your pain if you choose to let it go if there's one thing I know!

Pastor Steve

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ministry Matters - Busy Summer

Things are really moving forward here in North Iowa. I just finished up a three week run at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp. I was the morning speaker at Junior High Camp, the program chairman at Family Camp #3 and a counselor at Senior High Camp.

Junior High Camp: As morning speaker I was able to open God's Word with the 7th and 8th graders from all over Iowa, the mid-west and even a great group from Texas. The theme at the camp this year was "Chosen to Serve" and working within this theme I brought 4 messages (Tuesday - Friday) to the students.

Tuesday we took a look at the David and Goliath event from the perspective that servant must have experience with their master. Big Idea: Servants must trust their masters. David could trust God's protection against Goliath because God had protected David from the lion and bear.

Wednesday was an intense look at Gideon and God's use of him as a "mighty man of valor!" Big Idea: Servants must trust their masters even if their direction does not make complete sense to them.

Thursday we coved the topic of friends from the events surrounding the life of Amnon, the son of David. the Big Idea here: Servants must make wise choices! If you have never taken the time to read 2 Samuel 13, it is a sordid story riff with application to the issue of the people we chose to surround ourselves with.

Friday the topic was "How to Grow and Change" and the Big Idea was that servants must desire to be like their masters. This was taken from Ephesians 4:22-24 - another great read!

The opportunity to be a part of the speaking team at camp is an incredible blessing and privilege!

Family Camp #3: I serve as the program chairman, my responsibility is to set the speaker along with the camp director, set the schedule along with the program director and oversee the day to day operation of the program.

Our speakers this year were Pastor Dan Merchant in the morning services and Pastor Jon Jinks in the evening services. Both of these men did a great job handling the Word and challenging the hearts of the people.

Senior High Camp: Serving as a counselor is always an adventure! I was places in a room the slept 8 guys; myself and 3 guys from our church, 2 guys from Perry, Iowa; one guy from Holmes, Iowa and one guy from Colorado. Full cabin!

The week was filled with great activities and challenging messages from God's Word. The Speakers for the week were Dan Dark in the morning service and Pastor Mark Shaw in the evening services.

It has been a very busy summer thus far and I do not see the rest of the summer or Fall looking like there is a great slowdown on the horizon. Sorry for the long break between postings ... hopefully I'll do a better job of checking in and updating the blog.

Pastor Steve           


Benjamin Clayton Cox, born Wednesday August 4th at 7:04 AM in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Vital Stats: 8 Pounds 4 1/2 Ounces, 20 inches long!

Congratulations to Daniel and Maggie!