Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Last weekend we, as a family, celebrated my Mom's 90th birthday! What an incredible milestone! I'm so very thankful for my Mom and the example of strength that she has provided throughout my life.

What an incredible time we enjoyed! Saturday we assembled at my sisters home in Norwalk for a picnic. There were people everywhere! I had cousins from Pennsylvania there and all of the grand-children were there as well. Good food, great fun & an incredible family time.

Sunday we met a Mom's church for a 9 AM service followed by a brunch served by the ladies of the church. After a time for just the family, there was an open house at the church where many folk stopped by to wish my Mom well on her very special day.

Happy Birthday Mom!!! Love you!!!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

PS: Photos to follow