Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quick Update!

Things are progressing ... life goes on!

Shortly after my last post my Mom, Martha Cox, passed away. A very sad time for my family but we are so very thankful for our extended family, friends and acquaintances who's out pouring of love and kindness where truly overwhelming ... THANK YOU!

And thus begins, as many of you know ... a NEW kind of normal!

Ministry: Things are moving along very well! We are enjoying great time of fellowship with the church family as well as having a number of visitors attending our Sunday services.

Our Home: After moving in the our new home, the FIRST thing we wanted to do was to remodel the kitchen. Upon further inspection, it was determined that the siding MUST be replaced right away .... so the kitchen is on hold.

As most of you know, the initial project is always the tip of the iceberg! Now, not only the siding but 3 new windows, a new entry door, walk in garage door and a new garage door with opener!

More to come ....

This is the original look of our house ... an updated photo soon!
I Remain,
Pastor Steve