Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Time ...Long Time

Been a crazy Fall/Winter!

The last time I blogged it was before Christmas and now we're approaching the end of January. Where does the time go?

Sometimes I wonder if what I'm blogging is really of any consequence or I'm just chatting into the wind. I'm sure it would make more difference if I actually blogged more that once every 30 days or so!

Here is a quick update: 

Deer Season .... ended for me on January 10th and this year I did not harvest a deer this year. But I'm super pumped for Philip, who not only harvested his first deer ever but arrowed a very nice buck! In fact, the group that Philip hunts with did very well this year. Pastor Russ Farrell also scored a wall-hanger! As for me ... there is always next year!

Weather ... Winter finally arrived here in North Iowa with a couple of fairly decent snowstorms. Nothing to really write home about. In fact we're expecting another 2-4 inches tomorrow (1/27)! We shall see what we shall see!

The Ministry ... All is well at the church and the ministry plugs on! Loving the preaching aspect as I am still working my way through the books of Joshua, Judges and soon Ruth! Our counseling ministry has slowed a bit, but things are picking back up as I have been meeting with and setting up new meetings with folks as of late. #loveit

Family ... Everyone is doing well! we had a great holiday season and really enjoyed having the kids home often throughout Dec. & Jan. for all different reasons. It is a blast watching God work in and through our kids lives. What a great god we serve!

More to Come...

I Remain,
Pastor Steve