Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Time ...Long Time

Been a crazy Fall/Winter!

The last time I blogged it was before Christmas and now we're approaching the end of January. Where does the time go?

Sometimes I wonder if what I'm blogging is really of any consequence or I'm just chatting into the wind. I'm sure it would make more difference if I actually blogged more that once every 30 days or so!

Here is a quick update: 

Deer Season .... ended for me on January 10th and this year I did not harvest a deer this year. But I'm super pumped for Philip, who not only harvested his first deer ever but arrowed a very nice buck! In fact, the group that Philip hunts with did very well this year. Pastor Russ Farrell also scored a wall-hanger! As for me ... there is always next year!

Weather ... Winter finally arrived here in North Iowa with a couple of fairly decent snowstorms. Nothing to really write home about. In fact we're expecting another 2-4 inches tomorrow (1/27)! We shall see what we shall see!

The Ministry ... All is well at the church and the ministry plugs on! Loving the preaching aspect as I am still working my way through the books of Joshua, Judges and soon Ruth! Our counseling ministry has slowed a bit, but things are picking back up as I have been meeting with and setting up new meetings with folks as of late. #loveit

Family ... Everyone is doing well! we had a great holiday season and really enjoyed having the kids home often throughout Dec. & Jan. for all different reasons. It is a blast watching God work in and through our kids lives. What a great god we serve!

More to Come...

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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Andrew Sutton said...

Yes, what you blog IS of consequence. I especially enjoy it when you (and other pastors) blog about Scripture. Not long rambling discourses, but when you take a passage of Scripture and share a line or two worth of exposition.

I can't count the times I've been speaking with a pastor friend of mine and he's said something thad made me thing "wow, I need to chew on that some more" but by the time I go about the rest of my business and get home where I can turn it over in my mind, I've forgotten exactly what was said.

Usually these are not profound thoughts for you seminarians and theologians, but for a Christian like me who was saved much later in life and doesn't have the background, some of the stuff I hear in conversation is pretty freakin' profound if you'll forgive my saying it like that. Its the kind of stuff guys like you almost take for granted because you've been walking with the Lord so long, and you've seen Godly examples in your fathers, and in their fathers. But for someone who doesn't have that kind of heritage, some of your "everyday thoughts" and the way you see God work and the way you focus on Him is pretty astonishing. In an admirable sort of way.

If I can use this crude analogy, if a Sunday Sermon were my main meal of the day, a blog post like I'm talking about is a little snack between meals that keeps my stomach from rumbling. It's a quick read, not something deep or philosophical, just something that's thought provoking and helps me to keep my thoughts focused in the right direction.

The posts that are not specific to a scripture reference or passage are fun also. They can be longer than is practical to post on facebook, and it's easier to maintain a "story line" about hunting or being in the deer stand or something of that nature.

Love you Pastor Steve. And I appreciate every word you've shared with me, via blog, or facebook or at special camp or any other way. Thanks man. From the bottom of my theologically challenge heart. :-)