Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas in Clear Lake

Due to Christmas falling on a Sunday this year and Daniel and I both serving in local churches with responsibilities, we decided to have our family Christmas on Saturday the 17th of December ... TODAY!

Last evening (Friday) all of the kids arrived and the stage was set for us to have an incredible day! Every one enjoyed a relaxing morning and we opened gifts and our stockings stuffed with goodies after noon.

One of the things that people often talk about is the best gift they received ... I have always tried to get my family to think about the best gift that they had given. Just a bit of a change in perspective!

That being said ... The best gifts that Lynn & I gave this year were Bibles to Daniel and Susan. Daniel wanted an HCSB Study Bible and Susan wanted an HCSB that was not a study bible...Done and Done! We also gave Daniel & Philip their 2012 Iowa Hunting and Fishing licenses; Amy, Susan & Maggie got Fishing licenses. It was really fun to watch the reactions as especially the boy realized what we had gotten them. Phil had just commented that he was going to have to buy a new licenses after the first of the year so he could hunt coyotes!

After the gifts were opened we enjoyed a meal of spiral cut honey smoked ham, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with tons of marshmallows, rolls and butter. Mmmmmmmmmmm GOOD!!! And lots of leftovers!!

So very thankful to God for the blessing of my family! Lynn & I are truly blessed!!!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

Friday, December 16, 2011

Where Have You Been?

'Tis the season!

Having coffee with a friend, I was REMINDED, that it has been a very long tome since I posted a new blog. The reasons are many and varied, but as Rhett Butler once said ... Who Cares! (well, kinda)

Since our vacation I have been busy with ministry as always, deer hunting and the holidays.

Not long ago I blogged about purchasing a projector for use when preaching. As I have been using the projector and learning and growing in my skill level, it has been an incredible blessing and help! 99.9999% of all comments have been positive! That is always a very good thing!!!

Deer Hunting is underway and I have been trying to spend as much free time as I can in the deer stand. So far this year it has been very frustrating. I'm seeing lots of deer but nothing with in range of the bow and once again I prove to be a poor shot with my muzzleloader.

On a happier note: Philip harvested his first deer every and that with archery equipment! Pastor Russ Farrell hammered a monster buck in the shotgun season.
Pastor Farrell's Buck

Philip's Buck

The archery season will reopen in Iowa on December 19th and I will be in my stand and looking to harvest a nice doe or buck if I'm able! Time is running out and the ability to be picky is drawing to a close. I need to get some venison in the freezer!

Final thought for this blog ... Thanksgiving! Hosted this year by my sister and a wonderful time was had by all! Really how can you go wrong???? Great food, family, football and overall fun! Thanks Carol for opening your home!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve