Friday, December 16, 2011

Where Have You Been?

'Tis the season!

Having coffee with a friend, I was REMINDED, that it has been a very long tome since I posted a new blog. The reasons are many and varied, but as Rhett Butler once said ... Who Cares! (well, kinda)

Since our vacation I have been busy with ministry as always, deer hunting and the holidays.

Not long ago I blogged about purchasing a projector for use when preaching. As I have been using the projector and learning and growing in my skill level, it has been an incredible blessing and help! 99.9999% of all comments have been positive! That is always a very good thing!!!

Deer Hunting is underway and I have been trying to spend as much free time as I can in the deer stand. So far this year it has been very frustrating. I'm seeing lots of deer but nothing with in range of the bow and once again I prove to be a poor shot with my muzzleloader.

On a happier note: Philip harvested his first deer every and that with archery equipment! Pastor Russ Farrell hammered a monster buck in the shotgun season.
Pastor Farrell's Buck

Philip's Buck

The archery season will reopen in Iowa on December 19th and I will be in my stand and looking to harvest a nice doe or buck if I'm able! Time is running out and the ability to be picky is drawing to a close. I need to get some venison in the freezer!

Final thought for this blog ... Thanksgiving! Hosted this year by my sister and a wonderful time was had by all! Really how can you go wrong???? Great food, family, football and overall fun! Thanks Carol for opening your home!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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