Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chinese/Norwegian/Americans in the Making!

Many Sunday evenings we find a home for some of our church folks to congregate, fellowship and of course EAT! This evening just the Cox's ended up at the Kambergers.

Every Sunday evening Gideon Kamberger asks me what I'm eating after the church service and most often when we get together the menu fare is pizza. This evening when Gideon asked we , he and I decided on noodles. Nothing fancy just your basic Ramen Noodles with Mary Kambergers Chinese twist (some cabbage, chicken & soy sauce).

Before I left the church Lynn suggested that I swing by the store and pick up a block of CoJack cheese; while at the store I also grabbed a container of pickled herring, the Norwegian Sweet Treat!

When I arrived at the Kambergers and the herring was a hit with the kids much to my surprise. I feed the younger girls like the little birds that they are!

We had a blast and cleaned up the herring in about 20 minutes. If I had thought that they would have enjoyed the herring that much I would have gotten the big jar rather than the small container.

Enjoy the pictures!


Anonymous said...

Love those Ramen noodles!

Big Bro

Anonymous said...

Remind you of the old days of eating pickled hering and crackers on Sunday afternoons. Oh wait...that is "daddy's food". lol!