Friday, September 22, 2006

Missionaries Jim & Julie Leonard

I mentioned earlier that we had the Leonards to our church on Wednesday night (9/20/06) and received a great report on the happenings in NE Brazil.

Jim & Julie started out as church planters in the early days of their ministry but realized when they had a church ready for graduation from mission status that they had no national pastor to assume leadership. This began a process whereby Jim found himself involved in the training of nationals for the ministry.

From all of that has grown the Cariri Baptist Seminary in Crato, Brazil. The school has about 100 students and is mainly focused on teaching and training Brazilians to be pastors, missionaries and teachers.

One of the coolest things that Jim talked about is their correspondence school. There is a certain time of the year when there is a huge influx of people in their region. At this time the students pass out literature which has a note that if they aer interested they can write in for a bible study via correspondence. Jim said at this time there were over 12,000 people in their correspondence school process. 12,000! That is not a typo!

Because of this correspondence school there are many Brazilians coming to faith in Jesus Christ, my first question was How were the folks at the school disciplining these new believers? Jim said that this is one of the greatest needs on their field, someone to come along side and take the correspondence school to the next level and work in this area. What an exciting opportunity!

Please pray for the Leonards as they will be heading back to Brazil in the near future. Also pray for their ministry and for someone to come along side and work with the correspondence school!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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