Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th Of July - I Was Just Pondering

The 4th of July this year we celebrated our Nations 232nd birthday. I'm afraid that in the day in which we live some have come to simply equate this day to just another opportunity to get their party hats on and get stupid drunk with an extra day off work.

The 4th is so much more! Do you realize that the men who signed that document (the declaration of independence) literately signed their death warrant. They immediately became hunted and wanted men and most died broke and destitutte. They lost their fortunes, families, wealth and prestige all for the belief that men should never have to live under tyranny and fear of any government.

I have often wondered if we were called on today to take a stand for our core beliefs if we would have the wherewithal and the metal to stand as these have in the past. Are we the same as they were or are we so soften by our luxury lifestyles that we would simply rollover and give up? Being a lover of history, I sometimes think that these who have gone before us are a cut above or breed apart. But upon further reflection I really think that somewhere and somehow there would be those who would rise to the challenge. The real question is am I or are you one of those willing to count the cost and refuse to sacrifice our core values and stand for what is right?

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