Saturday, September 03, 2011

Senior High Camp 2011

Senior High Camp was held at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp July 25th - 29th.

The speaker this year was Pastor Jon Jenks from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Pastor Jon brought excellent messages in both the morning and evening services. There were many decision and I know that I was challenged by his walk through of the "idols of the heart" series.

This year, in the afternoon "Summit Seekers" session, the decision was made to do a simple round table discussion on questions submitted by the teens and no topic was off limits! The panel was made up of some of the Pastors who were counseling this week at camp. The questions were very good! There were the standard "how far is too far" question that teens always ask is this anonymous setting. There were also some very practical questions as well as some fairly deep theological questions. One of the best parts of this exercise is to get e glimpse into the thinking of today's teens.

Camp was filled with the standard activities, game and other fun stuff. Senior High camp is one of the highlights of my summer! Very tiring but worth every minute invested!

I Remain,

Pastor Steve   

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