Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Teen Retreat @ Camp Fairwood

I had the incredible privilege and opportunity to be asked to speak at the Fall Teen Retreat @ Camp Fairwood in Westfield, Wisconsin. This was a 3 day retreat beginning on a Thursday and ending on a Saturday. I was to speak five times over the three days.
What a great retreat! There were over 100 teens in attendance and what a great bunch!


Besides the speaking sessions there was free time, organized activities, and a bunch of games and actives from shooting .22 rifles to playing paintball!

Many decisions were made to the glory of God and even one teen guy indicated that he need to know Jesus in a personal relationship. Very exciting stuff!!!

By The Way .... I found my favorite place on the camp ground! In the dinning hall there was a fireplace at one end and I often found myself sitting with a cup of coffee just staring at the fire! there is nothing like a good roaring fire! Brad Dickinson caught me in just one of those moments; enjoying the fire and a cup of coffee!

What a great time! Met a bunch of new friends and got to see God's Word impact the lives of everyone in new and unique way. I am so thankful to be used of God and be counted worthy to be in His service!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

(PS: Thanks to Brad for the pictures)


Anonymous said...

You look like a happy man...BB

A.J. said...

Breathing that fresh Wisconsin are is very healthy these days. You look good!

You have definately found your vocation. Praise the Lord!!!!