Monday, November 15, 2010

Best & Worst of the Weekend

Well, it's Monday morning and I'm sitting in the hospital waiting room with a family waiting for word on an open heart surgery patient.

So let's cover the Best & Worst of the Weekend:

Best: Philip & Susan came home for the weekend with some other friends from college; Tons of great food; wonderful day Sunday at church!

Worst: Hawkeye's loss; Viking's loss.

How was your weekend????

Pastor Steve


BrianTheGreat said...

Best: Quality time with my son at a conference in Ames. European chocolate and gelato at a little shop on Main Street.

Worst: Anticipating the bills from the girls' shopping while my son and I were at the conference. Grandma hospitalized with pneumonia on her 90th birthday.

Anonymous said...

Best:Mass Sat afternoon. nothin...
Big Bro