Saturday, November 20, 2010

Archery Season 2010 - OVER!

Doe - Stock Photo
Yesterday afternoon at about 4:15 my 2010 archery season came to an end with a 12 yard shot on a huge doe. After the shot she turned and ran about 75 yards before tipping over.

The shot: 12 yards, slightly quartering towards me. Complete pass through double lung with a Muzzy MX-3 100 grain fixed broad-head.

The Story: I has seen these deer (3 in all) milling around maybe 100 yards away for quite awhile when I noticed they were beginning to make their way toward me in my stand. They followed the field edge and passed in front of me at about 30 yards and I thought that was it and they would just walk on by! However, there was something this big doe did not like, just past my stand she stopped, sniffed the air and began to back up. There had been a house cat in the area earlier but I'm not sure if that spooked her or not. Either way she turned and passed by my stand again at 30 yards but this time she turned into me at a very small opening.

She began to close the distance followed by the two smaller doe. I was able to position my self in my stand, pick my shooting lane and attach my release. I'm ready! When she hit the 12 yard mark I gave a soft grunt, she froze and I released my arrow, arrow hit the mark and the spun and run was on! I actually watched her go down from my stand, after all of the hard hunting & preparation that goes into the archery season - ti is icing on the cake to get to see your prey go down after a well placed shot!
 What a day! An incredible animal, a good shot and a very crisp beautiful day in the deer woods. What a blessing!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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Anonymous said...

The hunting preacher! Quite a combination. I'm a vegan but I'll take a bit of her when I'm down for Christmas. You will share? Your Big Bro