Monday, November 22, 2010

Bits & Balderdash - 11/22/10

Here's the Deal:


Best: Harvested a deer on Friday, Saturday Youth Rally in Forest City, Sunday morning 3 people walked forward for church membership and Sunday evening our annual Thanksgiving Supper!

Worst: Hawkeyes & Vikings loses over the weekend, Aaron & Anna Hart's last time at church with us as they are leaving for Colorado soon for a new ministry (Happy for their new ministry but sad they are leaving!)


Pastor Seiler & Family
On Saturday we attended the "Y" youth rally in Forest City. As always we bagan the rally at the church with Pastor Farrell's crazy games followed by our speaker, Pastor Dennis Seiler from Faith Baptist Church in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Pastor Seiler did a fantastic job with a great message on "Bogus vs. Real Believers".

After the message we got some nourishment ... Walking Tacos! Always a crowd favorite. Along with the tacos there were a number if dessert bars and soda pop to drink. Once we piled away all the food we could stand ... We headed off to the Forest City "Y" for a time of fun & games and tournaments!

Wally-Ball (Stock Photo)
Basketball, volleyball, dodge ball & wally ball tournaments were organized and the young people could also use the game room (ping-pong, air hockey & billiards were available there) and the swimming pol was open as well. All of the left over dessert bard and bags and bags of chips were set out along with water and soda pop for everyone to enjoy as well.

We started about 3 PM and the "Y" closed at  9 PM. I think everyone had fun and are looking forward to our next rally!


After a loss to the Packers on Sunday afternoon, the Vikings season is officially DEAD! What a complete buzz-kill! After the great run last year and the incredible potential for this year, that by week 9 of the season the Vikings are dead in the water, fired their head coach, have a 41 year old cripple for a quarterback who can never figure out when it is time to quit and the back-up quarterback whose biggest fan and supporter was just fired!


Congratulations to Jimmy Johnson for his historic 5th NASCAR title in a row! That is an accomplishment!

That's it for now ......

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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Anonymous said...

BITS:Mass Saturday afternoon (4:00PM). Hawkeyes on TV down here, great. Went with friends to Episcopal Church Sunday morning. Very nice experence. Then out to breakfast with them and of course my girlfriend of 45 years......

BALDERDASH: Hawks lost. Trying to rent car on priceline. So for got turned down for $5-$6-and $10. Looks like I'm having black bean and brown rice soup for Thanksgiving dinner (made by Chef Rick of course).....