Monday, October 25, 2010

Best & Worst of the Weekend

I'm bringing back one of my favorite bits on my blog ... "The Best & Worst of the Weekend." 

When I originally started this, the idea was that I would give my best and worst and then "YOU", the readers, would contribute your best and worst via the comments box. That failed miserably! So I killed the bit! 

Because this is my blog ... I'm bringing it back and if "you" want to participate you are welcome too!

The Best of the Weekend: Iowa Regular Baptist Camp Corporation Meeting, Area-Wide Youth Rally hosted by the Clear Lake Baptist Church, & an incredible day of ministry topped of by an afterglow at the parsonage.

The Worst of the Weekend: The Ventura High School Vikings loss on Friday night and their ouster from qualifying for the State playoffs, The Iowa Hawkeye's loss to Wisconsin on Saturday, & the Minnesota Vikings loss to the Packers - In my humble opinion ... The Vikings are DONE! I hope I'm wrong, but Farve looks awful!

That's the way I see it!
Pastor Steve          


A.J. said...

In my humble opinion, the best is when Wisconsin and the Packers won, beating Iowa and the Vikings. It does not get any better.

This would have been true prior to realizing that I was spending too much time idiolizing these teams. It is fun to be a fan, but knowing that if the Badgers or the Packers lose, it will not ruin my day. Now I know Jesus is in control.

Oh, Pastor Cox, Brett has been a very fun player to watch over the years. It has been a privilege to have been able to watch him grow, develop and play `16 years with the Packers contributing much to the success of the team, including one Superbowl victory! It is too bad that he could not achieve this goal with the Vikings. It is a travesty to see so many Viking fans truly not knowing the feeling achieving the ultimate goal, knocking the snot out of their opponents and winning the Superbowl.

Anonymous said...

My week ends are the same as my week days. I wouldn't know when to begin or when to end..........

the big bro

BrianTheGreat said...

Best - celebrating my daughters' 16th and 18th birthdays, good time with family. ISU beats Texas.

Worst - realizing my daughters are 18 amd 16.

michael t. myers said...

Well I was going to say something...but then A.J. had to go and steal all my words.

Anonymous said...

FAVRE. Not FARVE. If he can't spell his own name you shouldn't either.

Bea O'Problem said...

Hey my friend,

Did you know that FAVRE is a French word. It means "backstabbing weasel" (I know this is true because I'm writing you from Paris). Why just yesterday I shouted out in a message "you stinking favres". Okay that's neither true nor funny (well, maybe just a little funny).

Just wanted you to get the real scope from France.


T Mark