Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sports Weekend

If you are a sports fan ... you have to love this time of year! Play-off baseball, college football, NFL, NHL, NBA pre-season & NASCAR's "The Chase".

Here are a few of my interests:

Twins/Yankees: The Twins lost another postseason series to the Yankees. Those stinking, cheating, no-account Yankees!! I can't stand the Yankees, these guys are killing me - they are so far inside the heads of the Twins; that they know what the Twins are doing before the Twins do!

#10 Utah at ISU: Iowa State University football team hosted the #10 team in the nation from Utah. At the end of the 1st quarter, ISU had the lead at 14-10! Then Utah turned on the jets and won the game with as final score of 68-27! Only one word can describe this loss - Brutal!

If you have followed my blog for long you already know that I'm an Iowa Hawkeye football fan. The mention of the ISU loss is in no way a dig at the Ames squad but a heartfelt - Wow, sorry about that one! The real problem is that this week is not any better with #6 Oklahoma coming to Ames this week.

NASCAR "The Chase": After Sunday's race in California there are 5 drivers within 105 points of the lead. If I remember correctly this is the closest race sine the inception of "the chase" format. I know that most folks think that NASCAR is so stupid as the drivers do nothing but turn left; I see on the track a great deal of strategy - tires, fuel, pit stops, restarts & cautions. Trust me ... much more that a bunch of country bumpkins on a dirt track. at least ... That is the way I see it!

Pastor Steve

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Anonymous said...

Our Tampa Bay Rays took it on the chin last night 5-1 of the fifth and final game against the Texas Rangers...I'm a Jeff Gordon fan...He turns left real good...

Big Bro