Thursday, January 26, 2006

Elderly Princeton Couple Injured In Deer Attack

Elderly Princeton couple injured in deer attack
January 26, 2006

Princeton, Ia. — An elderly couple was attacked by a deer they apparently had been feeding, officials said.

Lawrence Carter, 80, and his wife, Beatrice, 74, both of Princeton, were injured Wednesday afternoon. They were taken to a hospital, but there was no immediate information on their condition.

‘‘It was an eight-point, 2-year-old buck that weighed between 150-180 pounds,’’ said Terry Nims of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.‘‘We don’t have any idea why it did what it did,’’ he said. ‘‘This is so rare.’’

Nims said he didn’t know whether the couple were gored with antlers or kicked with hooves or both.

‘‘I’ve seen them fight each other with paws and with antlers,’’ he said.

Nims said the deer appears to have been living in the area since it was a fawn. It was not fenced in and could roam at will. But he said it sounds as though the Carters were providing it with food.

Pastor Steve Says:

When will people learn! Leave the wildlife alone! No matter how cute and cuddly these animals look they are still wild. Deer, raccoons, owls, rabbits; if you find them and you "think" they have been orphaned, leave them ALONE! Don't "adopt" them, it is never a good thing!

"Oh, Honey, look at the little bear. It is soooo cute lets pet it. It looks sooo soft and cuddly." Use your head and God given common sense! Wild animals are not pets, leave them alone.

That is the way I see it!


farmer Tom said...

Why is it that people think they can be friends with wild animals? Maybe next they should but some rattlesnakes in their basement to catch mice, or maybe an alligator in the swimming pool.

Steve Cox said...
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Anonymous said...
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