Sunday, January 29, 2006

After 84 Years, Making The First Move

My mind is reeling! I got a family in my Church that is moving a parent from where the parents lives now to where the family lives in North Iowa. No big deal, right, happens all the time. What has me on my heels is that I was told the parent has NEVER move in their entire life! The home in which they now life is the home in which they were born. They have lived in the same home/house for 84 years.

That set me to thinking ... Do I even know anyone that has never moved in the entire life? I posed that question to my Adult Sunday School class and only one person said that they knew of someone that was in this same situation. I'm curious, do you know anyone that has never moved in the lifetime? What is the societal ramifications of our transient nature?

This also made me think about my own life. Lynn and I have moved 8 time thus far in our lives, the first 5 moves were in our first years and a half of our marriage! How many times have you moved? I'm finding it is the little thing in life that fascinate me the most!

That is how I see it ...

I Remain,

Pastor Steve

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