Friday, March 02, 2007

Winter Wonderland in March

The second major winter storm in a week slammed into Iowa with a vengeance on Thursday and Friday, the first two days of March.

I really must say that the snow is beautiful but being in complete lock down stinks. So how do I combat this cabin fever? I bust out the gas grill! Yes, that's right I cook out on the grill.

During the first winter storm we had steak on one night and chicken on another night. Last night with the storm bearing down on us we choose hamburgers on the grill!

We also spent time together watching some TV and just hanging out in between bouts of shoveling. Thanks to those who stopped by and plowed out the driveway. What a great help!

We missed out on the major ice this go around but the snow is so beautiful! Philip got some great pictures, I'll let them speak for themselves.

Be careful and enjoy the season!

Pastor Steve

Finally, to my brother who moved to Florida ... WISH YOU WERE HERE!

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