Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wild Game Buffet

We have our annual wild game buffet at the Church this evening. Again this year Ivan Good asked my to put his turkey that he got last year in my Brinkman smoker. I thought and thought about the best time to get this little job done and came up with doing it on Sunday morning. This morning!

I roll out of bed this morning and got my charcoal started then headed back up stairs for my shower. I got some breakfast and loaded up the smoker. The smoke was rolling! Since I was doing poultry (turkey) I chose apple wood for the smoke. It was a wonderful site.

One of my neighbor commented on how good the neighborhood smelled as he left for church this morning. I love to use my smoker!

Pastor Steve


Str8Arrow said...

sure have yourself a wing ding but don't invite me. That's okay, I'll just go off in my corner and pout.

Shannon & Jodi said...

Hey, we heard about your wild game buffet way down south here. Mrs. Stephenson reported that everything was delicious and they enjoyed the fellowship. I would have enjoyed the fellowship, but I think I'll stick with beef and chicken!