Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mark Nelson Missionary To France

My friend from college Mark Nelson is a missionary church planter in France. Mark does not get back to the states very often and when He called me last week from France to let me know that he would be in Iowa for a couple of days and wanted to come to the church to give a report on the work in France, I said YES!!!!!

It is always good to see Mark and hear what God in doing in France. But the reality is that Mark sees his ministry as no different than what I do here in the States. We are both trying to build people by the Word of God. Teaching them about pleasing God, being Christlike in every thought, attitude and action, and finally giving God the glory for everything in their lives.

I guess what I'm getting at is that missions and being a missionary is not some mysterious call of God but really just normal folks following hard after God and desiring to serve Him!

Thank Mark for a well needed reminder!

That's the way I see it,
Pastor Steve

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Str8Arrow said...

Say hey to Mark for me. I think that we are all to be missionaries aren't we?