Saturday, March 10, 2007

All Night Bowling Youth Fellowship

After two massive snowstorms, the North Iowa Area-Wide Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches finally held is All Night Bowling activity called "Friday Night Strikes". There was much fear ands trepidation that the attendance would be down because we had to postpone the event for two weeks. Those fears were relieved when the count of 160 people was totaled just after the rally began! In fact, the fear was that there would not be enough pizza and more pizza's were ordered! A rough estimate is between 30 & 40 pizza's from Pizza Hut.

The rally part of the evening was sponsored by and held at the Faith Baptist Church in Mason City. Following an ice breaker activity and some singing the speaker was introduced. Missionary David Whitcher was our speaker for the evening and he did a great job handling the Word of God. An excellent challenge about our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Following the service time was the FOOD! Teenagers and pizza, what a combination! After the stuffing was over the young people moved back to the auditorium for the Bible Quiz, one of the highlights of all of our youth rallies.

On to the bowling alley! Where the action began in
earnest and the pin count began to grow. 4 hours of all the bowling that you could squeeze in to the alloted time. Everyone had a great time and my family rolled in at 6:30 AM and slept most of the day!

Enjoy the pictures!

Pastor Steve

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