Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Speaking To Internationals - What A Priviledge!

I was asked to speak at the Cyclone Bible Fellowship Internationals Retreat at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp on Saturday March 10th. The topic I was given was how to handle your emotions in a God honoring way.

This was the first time that I have ever had the opportunity to speak to an audience of internationals. There were a total of 41 people from China, Japan, Indonesia and Korea. Some spoke English very well and others struggled greatly. There was also a vast range in the spiritual levels, from avowed atheist to true believers in Jesus Christ. What an awesome opportunity to open and teach the Word of God!

In the evening I was asked to return for a Q&A with a panel of speakers from the weekend. Pastor Scott Greening & his soon to be wife Brooke Weber, Dave Callison and myself. The questions were incredible: How do I handle a situation where someone is mad at me and I did not do anything that I'm aware of? Do you accept Christ because of who He was or because it was the cultural thing to do? The Chinese believe in fate, you talk about the sovereignty of God, what is the difference? Time and space do not allow me to give you the answers but suffice to say it was a great thought provoking night!

I thank God for the opportunities that I have to speak to different groups and I very thankful for the opportunity of this past weekend!

I Remain,

Pastor Steve

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Str8Arrow said...

The way that God has brought the mission field to our front door is thrilling and humbling. To realize that what we do today will have a global impact on other countries is all of God. Keep on pluggin away, my bro.