Thursday, December 30, 2010

Meet The "Big Bro"!

If you are a follower of my blog, you've probably seen comments from someone who carries the moniker of "Big Bro". If you have never put two & two together...this is my older brother, Roger.

At one time he was my bigger brother as well but due to incredible discipline he has now made me the "bigger" brother!

"Big Bro" lives in the south and was home to our Mom's for Christmas. Wednesday we took the opportunity to slip down to Des Moines and have breakfast with Dan, Maggie, the boys and Amy for Daniels birthday and then go over to my Mom's for lunch with my brother, sister (Jacki) and Mom.

It was so good to see Roger and get caught up, I have not seen him since July of 2009, I really need to go visit him at his home.

Love being able to have the flexibility to be able to run to Des Moines and know that my Wednesday responsibilities are covered and in very good hands! Thanks John K!!!

Here are a couple of photo's of my and my "Big Bro"!

Pastor Steve

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