Friday, December 03, 2010

Elijah Turns 2 Years Old

Birthday Boy in a Bag
We spent last Sunday with Daniel and his family for Elijah's 2nd birthday party. The whole gang was there, Grandpa and Grandma Cox, Grandpa and Grandma Gilliland, Great Grandma Coulter and Gilliland, and lots of Aunts & Uncles!

After attending church together, we all found our way to Dan & Maggie apartment for a birthday lunch of pizza and veggies.

After lunch, Elijah got to open his gifts. He was not too sure about the whole process but once he got the hang of it we were off to the races!
After the gifts ... it was time for cake! Maggie and Amy really went over the top on creating a cake in the shape of a tractor. Not just any tractor, a "RED" tractor! The Gilliland clan are farmers and the "RED" tractor is the tractor of choice and preference! So the only cake you could have would be a RED tractor cake! Check it out.....

The Tractor Cake
Everyone was really excited about the cake except for maybe Elijah!

Not Too Sure!
Well, the cake was great and the time together was fantastic! I love spending time with Daniel, Maggie and the boys!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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Anonymous said...

Can't beleive Eli is 2 already! Hope to see him and all of you during the holidays.....

Big Bro