Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Bits & Balderdash - 12/08/10

Deer Hunting: I'm back after a very busy deer hunting season here in Iowa. This past weekend was our first shotgun season and I did not harvest a deer. Lots of time spent in the deer stand, in the timber and with very good friends.

Area-Wide Pastor's Fellowship Christmas Party: Monday night we (Lynn & I) hosted the North Iowa Area-Wide Pastor's Fellowship Christmas Party at our home. Great party with incredible food and the best part is the annual gift exchange which includes the opportunity to "steal" gifts from others forcing them to either steal from someone else or open a new gift! I think everyone had fun and I know that the fellowship was fantastic!

Sundays in December: Sundays in December at our church all revolve around the Christmas story. This past Sunday we got started by looking at those who missed Christmas. Now by saying they missed Christmas, I mean they missed the birth of Jesus. The three were the innkeeper, King Harod and all of the Jewish Religious leaders of the day.

Best & Worst of the Weekend: The Best of this weekend was deer hunting with Doug & Russ Farrell, really appreciate these guys and them letting me hunt with them! Worst of the weekend ... The weekend was toooo short!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve 

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Anonymous said...

It must have been pretty crowded in that tree stand with you and all your friends up there.

Big Bro

Best of W/E: Mass, time with friends.

Worst of W/E: cold for Florida (40s)