Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Games Children Play

I'm at a basketball game the other night visiting with a family from our local school district and they were telling me that when their daughter was very little that the Mom worked outside the home and the Dad was a farmer with livestock.

With Mom at work Dad would put the daughter in a backpack type apparattus and carried her around as he would do his farm chores. One of the many chores that he covered was the care and feeding of hogs.

If you know anything about livestock farming there are often time for whatever reason that a sow will die and need to be removed, to be picked up by the rendering truck. These sows are removed by hand or if they are rather large they may need to have a rope tied around them and be dragged with a tractor or skid-loader. Not always pleasant but part of the life of a farmer.

One day while the Mom is working around the house, the daughter come walking around the corner dragging one of her stuffed animals by the leg with a piece of twine. When asked what she was doing she replied as only a little farm girl could ... "I'm playing Dead Pig!"

I thought that was hilarious!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

(PS: All photo's are stock, that is not the little girl in the story!)


Anonymous said...

Have Milton-Bradley or Mattel heard of "Dead Pig"? This could be a million dollar idea for a new toy or board game!

The Big Bro

Anonymous said...

HAHA!! I'm glad people think this is funny! I'm sure I had much fun playing "dead pig!"