Thursday, July 01, 2010

Random China Topic: Transportation

One of the most incredible things about China is the massive number of people; now that in and of its self is not a profound statement but when you consider that all of those people need to be able to get around ... now you've stumbled upon an interesting topic!

In this post I'm not so interested in the way the Chinese drive, I cover that in a later post but I want to try and help you understand that if it has wheels and can be somehow powered it will be drive n on the road!

I saw in China everything from the high speed train to cars and vans to motorcycles, mopeds, bikes, three-wheelers and walkers. The riders/users of all of these modes of transportation were of all ages!

I think my favorite was the Jinbei, an 11 passenger van. 3 rows of 3 and 2 up front.

 Here are some other modes of transportation seen in China: (These are stock photos - I did not take these)


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