Monday, July 05, 2010

Random China Topic: Fireworks

Yesterday being the 4th of July and watching another incredible fireworks display over Clear Lake, I thought I would post a blog on fireworks in China. I'm pretty sure that China manufactures more fireworks than any other nation ... I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I got that one right.

My introduction to fireworks in China began at 4:30 AM the first morning after we arrived. Because the Chinese do not use DST, the day is well underway by 4:30 AM. I was awakened by a barrage of firework in the field next to the orphanage in which we were staying.

Rolls of 500 or more firecrackers and concussion bursts (you know the kind ... they go up, flash of light followed by a thunderous BOOM). I seriously thought we were under some sort of an attack! Small arms fire and mortar rounds!

Why would the Chinese be shoot off fireworks at 4:30 AM you ask!?!?!?! To ward off evil spirits from the ground on which they were going to begin building on that very week! I'm not kidding you a bit! For two days, at 4 AM, people showed up to get a head start on spooking the spooks off the property so they could begin to put in the foundations for the new building going on that property.

If that really works ... after the display I saw last night over Clear Lake ... Let The Construction Begin! we ought to be good for about 6 months!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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