Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

I'm amazed at the amount of time and effort that is being expended in the "LeBron James Watch"!

Since the early dismissal of the Cleveland Cav's from the NBA playoffs there has been a continual hum about where LeBron is going, if LeBron is going, with whom will LeBron be going and how much money will LeBron be signing for in this new contract deal.

For the last couple of years some NBA teams have been clearing space to offer him a mega contract as soon as he was available this year. However, July 1st was the earliest any of the free agents could "officially" entertain offers and hopefully all of this will end tomorrow when, in what is the height of "it's all about me", LeBron will be part of an hour long TV Special about his decision.

Are you kidding me!?!?!?!?

What arrogance! With everything that is going on in the world LeBron acts as if the world is revolving around him! He is going to sign a contract to play basketball. That's it: Basketball!

I need to be honest here, FICA: Fairness In Conversation Act, I have been a LeBron James fan. He is a phenom - straight out of High School to the NBA and he is a force i n his game but, it is still just that ... a game.

The sooner this thing is over the better ... at least ... that's The Way I See It!

Pastor Steve


Anonymous said...

Oil in the Gulf, Unemployment, our soldiers at war, our country going broke, these are real issues. LeBron James is not that big a deal when considered with these things.....Big Bro

Pastor Steve Cox said...

Big Bro ....

Could not agree with you more! Well said!!!!