Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Random China Topic: Air Pollution

Time for another glimpse into my trip to China, today's topic is the pollution that we encountered mainly in Beijing.
I need to begin with our arrival or really just before our arrival. As we are making our approach to Beijing the pilot informed us that we would be experiencing a "bit" of turbulence. A bit my foot! I nearly lost my lunch! There is a lot of debate about what caused the turbulence, I'm convinced that the pollution had a major part; while John thinks that I'm nuts! As true as that may be, there was a ripping thunderstorm in the area and right after we landed there was a tremendous downpour. Whatever ... I KNOW I'm right!

Back to the topic at hand ... the pollution was sickening! Road signs were covered with a slimy film and looked like it had been dripping off of the bottom. As we approached the city later in the week, it was like driving into a fog.
The Chinese had a handle on living with the problem. I saw many wearing masks especially those riding small motor bikes and mopeds.

On a personal note, no sooner than we landed both Susan and I when into complete nasal lock-down. We had some allergy medicine and it helped a bit but neither of us really felt that we had any real relief. I'm positive that I carried a low-grade headache for most of the time I was in country. I know that I woke up every morning with a low-grade headache and after some Motrin and Sudafed I was able to get rolling.

More topics to come ... Pastor Steve

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