Friday, April 02, 2010

Tiger Woods Is Back

Well it seems that Tiger is back. The news is out that Tiger will make his golf return at the Master this month. It will be nice to be able to hear his name without being followed by the latest bimbo-eruption (copyright Bill Clinton). Tiger doing what Tiger does best ... GOLF!

There is a huge pre-tourney press conference on Monday, that would normally be a real circus but being held at the Master in Atlanta, it will be very tame. The guys who run the Masters are hardcore, old-school traditionalist who will not put up with any funny business or off color comments by any of the media. It is their tournament and you will play by their rules or you can be escorted out!
 That brings me back to the idea that Tiger is back ... back in control! Tiger gave a couple of interviews a few weeks ago. But there were some ground rules, the interviewers got 5 minutes and could ask anything they wanted. The interviews were not very interesting, nothing new, just Tiger dodging, deflecting and denying. The most interesting part was AFTER the interviews aired and the talking heads trying to find some nugget to expound on with their brilliance!

The Masters begins Thursday ... Let the games begin!

What A Beautiful Venue!!


Anonymous said...

Boy, I wondered what happened to you. Glad you're back. I love Tiger the golfer. Tiger the womenizer I don't know and don't care to know. That's between him and his wife and his God. If it affects his golf, too bad. It's his fault. Hope he can cope with it all. Right or wrong. Your Big Bro.

Pastor Steve Cox said...

Hey Big Bro...

Could not agree with you more! Sorry for the long pause between posts, just put blogging on the back burner and forgot all about it! Thanks for being such a faithful reader!