Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm done, I'm out! My bracket completely imploded on Saturday afternoon with the huge UNI upset win over Kansas. I had Kansas winning the National Title Game and for the first year in recent memory I only filled out one bracket!

This is an upset win for UNI. I have spent time reading on the net and read where one rube said that this win was to be expected because of the "unfamiliarity" factor! WHAT!!!! Are you kidding me ... this guy really believes that Kansas, who plays in arguably the toughest conference in the nation and was the overall #1 seed in the tournament got beat by UNI because they had never seen them play before. Are you kidding me?!

UNI path does not get any easier as they will face the winner of the Michigan State and Maryland game today. Neither of these teams will be a walkover. But I'm sure that UNI will give either one a run for the money!

Any way you look at it Saturdays win over Kansas was perhaps the biggest win in school history and moved UNI into the Sweet 16! As a UNI alum, this tournament just got way more interesting even though my bracket is DEAD - it was so worth it to watch a huge Panthers win!

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Shannon/Jodi said...

I picked UNI--not to win the whole thing, but for last night's game.

I'm in first place in the Clark Family Bracket Mania.