Saturday, March 06, 2010

Brett Favre On With Jay Leno

The other night Jay Leno on the "NEW" Tonight Show gave Brett Favre a gold watch to celebrate his retirement from NFL Football. To which Favre responded that there has been no decision made on his future with the Vikings. That response got to Leno to announce that Brett was returning for sure and as well began the chant "one more year!"

And so begins the "Will He / Won't He" saga for another year. I think I can figure a solution to this drama.

If the Vikings organization would just tell Brett that he did not need to arrive for any of the OTA's (organized team activities) or mini camp or any of training camp. He could just show up in time to practice a bit before the first or second preseason game and play. Given that scenario; I think he would commit right away.

I know that the knock on this plan is that everybody else has to go to the OTA's, mini camp and training camp why should Favre get a pass? My answer to that is as soon as all of the other player put together a body of work in the NFL that is even close to what Favre has done then they may have a pass as well!

IMHO, Brett Favre has earned the right after all of these seasons to pick and choose when he arrives with the team. And if the only response at this point is that it is not fair ... tough! Life is not fair and who ever told you is was lied! So get over it!
So the saga continues......

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