Thursday, March 11, 2010

Iowa Basketball - What a Brutal Season

The 2010 Iowa Basketball season is over as of this afternoon. After taking an loss to Michigan in the first round of the Big Ten Conference Tournament in Indianapolis. A tournament that Iowa HAD to win if they were going to the "Big Dance", the NCAA Tournament. That is not happening now!

This is the end of just a brutal year. One commentator said the Iowa mens' team were "just a bunch of clompers - clomping up and down the court with very little athleticism". As much as I enjoy Iowa Basketball, I'm wondering what the fix could be for this awful product.

To the Powers that be: please step back and take a long look at this situation, the player & coaches, the University and the fans deserve better. Frankly, the University of Iowa is better than that and must produce a better product!

That is the way I see it!


Anonymous said...

Did you pray enough for them this year? Big Bro

Anonymous said...

True. The only place to go from here is up! I am excited for next season! They DO have some athlets on the team, Eric May for one. They do have some good ball players, Cully Payne and Matt Gattens. So I am excited to see what next season will bring.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss, however, Michigan is a pretty awesome state!!! :)

~ Julie

Str8Arrow said...

now we have to guess as to the new coach and wonder why anyone would want the job. Last 3 coaches fired. Does not bode well for the next coach.