Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Road Trip!

Just returned home from a road trip to Grand Rapids. I call it a road trip but I was really doing wok for my week of Special Camp at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp.

My good friend Pastor Brian Cederquist is going to bring some of his college age guys from the Good News Baptist Church to serve as counselors at Special Camp this year. In order to do this, these guys have to attend counselor training and since it was easier for me to go to Grand Rapids than all of them try to get to Clear Lake so, ... ROAD TRIP!

A great deal of things have changed in my ability to travel, I no longer "must" do all of the driving, I no longer "must" sit in the front of the van and I no longer "must" sleep in order for someone else to drive. When we pulled out of Clear Lake on Friday morning Susan was driving and took us all the way to Morris, Illinois from there Lynn drove us into Michigan where I took over and drove us into Grand Rapids. From that perspective a very smooth trip.

Some random observations:

1. I80 is the roughest, the most "Under Construction" hunk of road in the world! I realize that statement may not be totally accurate, but spend some time on that "road" and you will know what I talking about.

2. 80 to 85 mph. That is the speed one needed to travel in Chicago to keep up with the flow of traffic and not be plowed over by another driver. This is just insane!! The posted speed limit was 60 mph but my observation was that if you were running 60 you were looking to get pounded by another driver. 

3. Lake Michigan is a huge spot of water! On our way home we took a bit of a detour to let Susan see Lake Michigan. We located a state park and were able to walk down to the beach and stand at the waters edge. Very Cool! I encouraged Susan to walk into the water since she was wearing flip-flops; she did and said that the water was freezing! She complained about her cold, wet, sandy feet but I really think she thought it was fun.

4. Lunch on the road. In an effort to save time and money, we had our lunch in the van as we drove. The menu: Hillshire Farms Summer Sausage, colbyjack cheese, hot pepper cheese, crackers, honey mustard & cookies. We always take a flat of water and for Lynn we had a few Dr. Pepper's in the cooler as well. This really work out well for us and I think it is very enjoyable, it always reminds me of traveling with my Mom & Dad and eating baked chicken sandwiches on the road. Fun times!!

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