Monday, April 12, 2010

The Masters; Tiger & Lefty

I watched with great interest the Masters golf tournament; having not been shy to pontificate on the Tiger Woods saga, I thought it worthwhile. I was right! Very interesting viewing!

Thursday and Friday was "must watch Tiger". Smiling, chatting with other golfers, folks in the gallery and signing autographs. This was the new Tiger ... then he made the cut and was playing on Saturday and Sunday. That was another story, play time was over and the pressure was building. Under that pressure Tiger did not fair well! Able to stay close but fading a bit on Sunday he finished tied for 4th.

The 2010 Masters was won by Phil Mickelson, "Lefty". There are so many angles to look at here but for this post I just want to say the irony of this picture is fantastic! Everyone is watching to see what Tiger was going to do his first tourny back from HUGE family issues, and the "Family" man won the day!

Phil Mickelson's wife and mother are both battling breast cancer. The last year or so Lefty has been through the ringer with family issues and his golf games carried the day in going away fashion. It was a very worthwhile watch!

Last thing ... coolest part was after the win Phil is hugging his wife; this is the first tournament she has been able to attend since her cancer diagnosis, if you looked closely to the video there is a tear running down his cheek. Priceless!

I remain,
Pastor Steve


Anonymous said...

Good Blog, good masters....
Big Bro

Str8Arrow said...

right, go ahead, make me bawl. Mickelson has always been a class act, even for a lefty. Good on ya Phil!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

I agree it was definitely the best part of the tourney. Didn't have to be a golf lover to appreciate that!

Although I don't particularly care for Lefty V. Tiger comparison that has come out of this, as if it's Good v. evil....other than the classless golf etiquette, if you would've asked people 1 year ago, they would've called Tiger a family man, too.