Thursday, February 04, 2010

Driving Bus Trips

As of Tuesday I'm done driving basketball trip for our local school district. It has been a good season driving but I'm ready for a break.

Monday afternoon it began to snow, the forecast was for somewhere between a half inch to maybe 3 inches. I had to drive from Ventura to West Bend. The trip over was not too bad but it was clear that this was about to be a bit more snow than was predicted.

The trip back to Ventura was not good. The roads were 95% snow covered and it was very hard to tell where you were on the road. The easiest plan was to just try to watch the center line! But the real challenge was from Garner to Ventura! A trip of only about 10 miles.

The road was completely covered with snow, on the right all you could see was the fence posts and there was solid snow all the way to the left until you got to the fence posts on the left! The snowplows had been pulled off the roads and with the ditches being full of snow, the roadways were a mess.

Traveling at 20 -25 mph, the only way to know where I was on the road was to ease over to the right side of the road until I reached the rumble strips and then ease back to the left. This process was done every so often as too keep me in my lane and out of the ditch!

This was by far the second worst experience driving a school bus. The very worst experience can be found in the blog archives titled "It's A God Thing", you can look it up.

Bottom line ... everyone home safe and that is always the real goal!

At least...That's the way I see it!

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Morgan Bush said...

Headed to Owatonna tonight with Bus. Eerily similar forecast....