Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wow! October 1st Already

Lots of things going on around here and I really wanted to post before now but ... life happens! My apologies to Big Bro and T. Mark, I know that you are two of my most faithful supporter & I'm mindful of that as I think about my lack of new postings. 'Nough said ...let's press on!

September 26th: I was asked to speak at a marriage conference at the Nevada Baptist Church in Nevada, Iowa. The keynote speaker was Dr. Jeff Newman from Faith Baptist Bible College, the workshop speakers were Mr. Dale Whiting, Dr. Doug Brown, Pastor & Mrs. Dennis Reynolds and myself.

I was asked to speak on the topics of communication in marriage and the Biblical view of sex in marriage. Other workshop topics were on child-rearing, finance, retirement as well as others.

I though that the conference was very well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy the time and benefit from the information given. It was a privilege to have been asked to participate in this conference. Thanks Pastor James for the invite!

September 27th: My birthday! Had a wonderful day with tons of birthday messages on Facebook, lunch out with Lynn and hearing from all of my kids. Thanks for all of teh birthday wishes, as I said on my Facebook page, I'm truly overwhelmed!

This was also a Sunday and another opportunity to open God's Word with the folks at the Clear Lake Regular Baptist Church. We really dealt with topic of FEAR. The morning message was dealing with Fear in Life and the evening message was dealing with Fear in Evangelism. These messages seemed to be well received, in that I have received three phone calls about how folk were touched by God's Word through the messages. Overall, it was a very good day!

Ministry Stuff: The work of the ministry continues as Monday morning I found out that a friend had suffered a slight stroke and was in the area hospital, I've had the opportunity to minister and be at the hospital for a visit everyday this week. Wednesday is my regular visitation day where I drive to surrounding communities visiting folks who attend our church and one couple who are in a Care Facility. Busy, busy,busy but I love the ministry!

Fall Activities: Iowa archery season opened this morning and I awoke to lightning, thunder and pouring rain! The forecast is for rain for the next seven days! I don't think that it will rain forever (I hope), so I'll bide my time and sooner or later I'll get into the stand and hopefully I'll get to harvest a nice deer this year. I'll keep you posted...

I'm still driving bus for Ventura, Clear Lake and now I've been asked to drive for a bus company in Mason City. I've not driven for MC yet, but I'm looking forward to the opportunity.

Family: Everyone is doing well, some struggling with some allergy issues, but hanging in there. I'm still running and training for a 5K in Des Moines this month. The weight is still down, but the maintenance side of this is HARD!!! I'm so thankful for my wife, who is a tremendous encouragement on this path toward healthy living.

That is it for now ... Talk to you soon!

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Great blog today as always, it's part of my morning ritual...

Big Bro