Friday, October 30, 2009

Iowa Hawkeye Hype?

I had a very spirited conversation with my son Daniel the other day about the Iowa Hawkeyes football team and their National Ranking.

Here is the deal...I'm old enough to have had my heart smashed multiple times by the loved Black & Gold! The high national ranking and all of this BCS talk is so out of place for the Hawks. Is it really time to buy into the "National Title" conversation?

I'm old school, pre-BCS, the only bowl game I'm really interested in, is seeing Iowa take the run for the ROSES!!! As far as I'm concerned the BCS is a joke! Just bring Boise State and the Smurf Turf into the conversation. Even if BS goes unbeaten they will not be in the BCS mix! How is that right? Give the Big 10 champ the Rose Bowl, that is the cats pajamas's!

Can Iowa run the table, end undefeated and your National #1 playing for a National Title? You bet! With 4 games left, Indiana, Northwestern, #17 Ohio State and Minnesota the possibility is there but along with that ... How many times have we seen the "no-name" team with "no chance" bite us right in the unbeaten streak?!

Anything can happen ... Remember the 1985 Rose Bowl, the Ronnie Harmon fumble fest and sports agent payoff/payback? Anything can happen!

One game at a time. Next up Indiana on Saturday! GO HAWKS!!!!


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Nope.....don't remember 1995....However, I hear ya loud and clear. Just thinking about it makes me nervous. This year has been like a heart attack a week! They need to go out and handle IU & Nwstn.
Bummer about A-Rob, though...
Enjoying it while it lasts!!

John said...

You heard it here first--Hawks and Oregon in the Rose Bowl! That will be a TOUGH game for Iowa.