Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Gettin' To That Age!

A friend of mine got sent off to his first visit to the Proctologist, baseline check up and all that stuff. This caused me to think - "Wow, he's my age ... oh no, it will not be long before its my turn!"

In light of that, one of the men of our church, a few years back, found an audio clip of a comedy song entitled "Ode To The Colorectal Surgeon". I think I found one better, a video clip of the song being performed by the comedy team of Bowser and Blue.

Warning: If you can find no humor in this topic ... proceed no further!

For those burdened with a warped sense of humor, like me:

I hope you found a reason to smile!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I think it's funny.

one of the men of our church,