Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tuesday Night At The Races

Not much going on here. Back into the regular pattern again now that Summer seems to be coming to an end. School is starting, State Fair is going on, babysitting is up and running at the house and I'm trying to dig through all of the stuff in my office!

Tuesday I was asked to help on the pit crew for the #22 "Charging Charlie McKenna" car at the races held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. It was an incredible experience, I've never been on the infield at a race track. There are cars everywhere, people everywhere and everyone and everything gets move all over the place with no real problems.

Charlie did very well in the heat race where he took third after being passed on the back straight away on the last lap! That was good enough to get him into the A-Main feature race of the evening. The not so good part was that he would start the A-Main in the 14th spot. Good race, heavy traffic and not a ton of room to maneuver, Charlie was boxed in and finished just about where he started.

I need to admit here that I'm a NASCAR rube! I'm one of those guys who watches NASCAR races not for the wrecks but for the strategy game of fuel, tires and position plays. What I learned on Tuesday was that it is way easier to second guess from the comfort of my living room than it is in the belly of the racing beast.

Thanks to my friend, Charlie McKenna for the opportunity to be a part of the "TEAM".

BTW, for those who know my prowess and great automotive mind and are wondering what in the world was my responsibility on the pit crew .... I was asked to run the gas grill! I was cooking pork tenderloins for the rest of the crew and special guests that were there for the festivities!!!


Dan Cox said...

WOW! That is great! All except you had a led me to think that you were really on the crew. Oh well, at least you were there! What a cool opportunity!

Press ON!

Anonymous said...

Each member of the pit crew has their specialty. "Pit" is the operative word here!

Big Bro

Str8Arrow said...

I'm sure that you did that well. The redneck in my just loves dirt track racin'