Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Now We're Cooking

One of the many great things about summer in North Iowa is that I get asked to help with the grilling that is done almost every week at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp.

Every week of Family Camp, I help grill on Tuesday afternoon for the banquet meal. This year we've been grilling chicken breast. But the real deal is on Thursday's! That is the day of the themed picnic/cookout. This years theme is "A Day At The Races" with all kinds of carnival games and "redneck" activities: such as horseshoes with toilet seats, ring toss w/ hula hoops and garbage cans and one of the favorites ... the pit stop challenge - changing tire competition with impact wrenches. It's a hoot!

On Thursday the grilling fare is hamburgers, hot dogs and brats. My specialty is the burgers and we cook somewhere around 360 burgers. It's quite an operation, the entire process requires about four cooks and plenty of support staff. The staff at the camp has this process down like a well oiled machine!

Usually, Lynn and I cook but from time to time others fill in for Lynn. During Family Camp #4 Fouad Fanous, a friend from Ames, was the burger co-pilot. We had a great time and I love to work with Fouad. This picture was taken in the middle of our cookout!


Str8Arrow said...

I remember a few years ago when Fouad and I were grilling steak. It was all pretty good.

Anonymous said...

You are dressed as a "red-neck" in this picture! Boy, you sure know how to have fun, Mr. Skinny.

Big Bro