Thursday, August 27, 2009

Breakfast Is Served!

There is a tradition at Ventura High School, (all of our kids have been associated with Ventura) that entails breakfast being served to the Senior Class by their parents.

This year, Susan is a senior and I was able to help with the breakfast. The Baptist Camp hosted the event and I was asked to make the scrambled eggs w/ bacon and a bit of cheese. The rest of the menu was as follows: world's best coffee cake, sausage links, grapes and juice. The teens and their parents really seemed to enjoy the morning. I cooked the eggs, had some breakfast and ended my morning there by working in the dish-room: cleaning trays, silverware and assorted utensils!

It is always a great time when you get the opportunity to serve and I love serving teenagers! This is the beginning of our Susan's last year in school, so we're looking for every opportunity to impact the folks of our community.

Bus driving to sports activities begin for me on Sept. 1st and the schedule is filling fast. It is going to be a great year!


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Not sure how I missed it....but I had no idea Susan was going to be a Sr?!?!
Crazy :)
I'll spare you the "I remember when she...." but I do have those memories of Susan...

Dan Cox said...

WOW! Susan is a! I miss those days of working in the dishroom. Sometimes I want to go back. OH well. Hey, look for opportunities to be sharing the truth of Jesus with those parents! Praying for you! Press ON!